Result-proven Strategies to Foster Sales & Increase Customer Retention

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Business sustainability is more challenging with the constant increase in technological trends and high expectations of potential customers. “Survival of the fittest” is the new normal to stay ahead in the competitive battle. Simply put, if you are not moving forward, you are likely stepping backward and losing your business. Thanks to Salesforce Sales Cloud Services for bringing unparallel tools to help sales reps meet their sales goals and drive more profits.

So, have you integrated your business into Salesforce? Congratulations! Upgrading to Salesforce is the first yet the most crucial step. Perhaps there are other result-driven hacks you must use to meet your sales expectations. Curious to know the strategies tips to get your business the endeavor in the market? Check out the five tips shared by ArizTech experts and unlock the takeaways to drive more sales and maximize productivity.

1.Keep a bird-eye view on customer data

Perhaps the most compelling way to increase customer retention is to keep their data safe and secure. Treat your customers as the most invaluable asset, and make sure you have track of every little detail of your customers. There are two main benefits of safeguarding your customer data. Firstly, you get a holistic view of your customer behaviors and their preferences. Secondly, an organized customer data helps the sales team to streamline the work processes and close deals faster with no hassle.

Takeaway: Use Salesforce integration to centralize data in a single platform. Customize the Salesforce features to make it easy to store, access, and edit data seamlessly.

2.Leverage social media platform

Gone are the days where finding potential customers was a challenge. Today, it has become simple to find the right customer on the increasing social media platforms. Why not take advantage of social media platforms to connect with potential clients who need the service you ate offering? Leverage social media platforms to promote your brand, generate more leads, and try all avenues to become the best endeavor in the market.
Takeaway: Use social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, to name a few, to reach your potential audience. Leverage Salesforce Email Studio to reach your target audience.


“You can’t connect the dots looking forward. You could only connect them looking backward.” – Steve Jobs,Co-founder, Chairman, and CEO of Apple Inc.

Generating new leads is unquestionably an essential step. However, taking care of the existing is the key to unlock more sales. Why? Because if you succeed in leaving a forgettable experience to your clients, they will do more than 50% of the marketing work for you. If you see customers inactive, find ways to connect and see the reasons behind it. Perhaps, this may be a great time to make your customers feel loved and valued. If you are on the verge of losing existing customers, then it’s time to rethink your sales procedures and bring more implementations to convert them back.

Takeaway: Reconnecting with your old customers will not just save you from looking at them but instill a bond and deepen the customer relationship. Use offers, discounts, packaged services, to list a few, to retain your old customers.

4.Streamline personalized customer service

Customer loyalty is priceless. How do you instill deep loyalty in your customers? Simply by caring, providing personalized customer service, and making them feel special. Take advantage of your customer data to understand your customer better and streamline customer relations. Remember, the key to unlocking customer experience begins with preparing your support team. Strengthen the support team and strive hard to deliver top-notch, personalized customer service.

Takeaway: Take advantage of Salesforce SMS text support service to send custom text and maybe via emails. Moreover, you can also use Email Studio and Mobile Studio that come with the Salesforce Marketing Cloud package

5.Account Health Check-up

Like any other effort to increase sales and increase customer retention, account health is also a significant part of the process. Frequent account check-ups will you a better insight into the work process, know your strengths and weaknesses. Weekly or biweekly account check-ups as the best practice. Most of all, it enables you to understand the USP of your business and allows you to figure out the areas that need special attention. Here are a few questions that may seem trivial but becomes the real game-changer.

Is the service you are offering up-to-date?

Are you happy with the service you are offering?

Is my business attracting new leads?

Takeaway: Make the most of Salesforce Einstein Sales analytics to track your sales performance metrics. Dedicate a team to inspect the complexities and the hurdles hindering your growth.

The Bottom Lines

Customer retention plays a vital role in overall revenue and sales generation. Perhaps with such tough competition, slaying your customers to stick with your product is also a daunting task. No worries! Talk to tech-savvy professionals and sales experts at ArizTech to streamline your work process, reach customer touchpoints, and drive sales forward.

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