Gear Up for Growth Salesforce Spring Release’21 New Features

Salesforce Spring Release

Perhaps 2020 has been a big roller coaster. Despite the setbacks, Salesforce stepped up to impress its users with the brand new up-to-date features. With moving ahead to 2021, the most awaited Salesforce Spring 2021 release date is now announced. Good news to admins and developers. The latest Salesforce Spring is all set to redefine the IT sectors and transform the digital world. Businesses can enjoy better functionalities and elevate their success graph on the corporate ladder using the new spring release features.

Are you excited for the Salesforce Spring 2021 release notes and the upgraded additional features? So is Salesforce! Our experts from ArizTech are sharing the top-nine most productive features you must know. Continue reading to get a holistic view of the Salesforce Spring release 2021 highlights.

1. Effortless Manual Sharing

For admins trying to get back to Salesforce Classic, Salesforce brings manual sharing functionality to Salesforce Lightning. The manual sharing feature will allow users to experience seamless record management. Using this feature, users can easily share records with another user or a particular group like the way in Salesforce Classic. Take a note, the manual shares features are tailored for accounts, opportunities, and leads only.

2. In-app Learning Experience 

When signing up with Pre-release Org, you might have seen an icon “Guidance Center” popping up on your screen. This Guidance Center offers an in-app education hub created to train Salesforce users. The objective behind adding this in-app feature is to upgrade the business learning and training programs within organizations whilst create a seamless learning experience for Salesforce users. The robust in-app learning feature also allows admins to develop their learning paths using public trailhead or my trailhead modules.

3. Salesforce Meetings Virtually

With virtual meetings increasing among netizens, it is a no-brainer to take advantage of Salesforce meetings. The primary aim of new Salesforce meetings is to help the business grow its sales team functionalities and experience better customer engagement in the organization. Meeting digest and Meeting Studio are the major highlights of Salesforce meetings discussed in brief.

Meeting Digest

This functionality provides a holistic and detailed summary of meetings on a single page. All the details — the attendee’s details, tasks, and activities, can be easily screened here. Above all, it allows sales reps to get an insight into the active participants involved in the meeting.

Meeting Studio

This functionality makes virtual meetings simple and easy whilst improves customer engagement. It provides a platform that makes transactions and sharing content faster. Sales reps can deliver their presentation with little hassle and bypass any irrelevant transaction when moving on to the next window.

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4. Enhanced Salesforce Flow

With every Salesforce new release, Salesforce flow gets better and improved. This allows businesses to face new challenges at every stage. Salesforce flow included in the Salesforce Spring release 2021 is no different. In fact, Salesforce Lightning Flow has been upgraded to Salesforce Flow. Delve into the highlights of Salesforce Flow explained in brief:

  • Excellent flow actions, which were managed with process builder, is now available with Salesforce flow.
  • Offer multi-column support plus allows creating of 12 columns on a single screen.
  • Allows accessing prior Values using Record-Triggered Flows.
  • Rich and advanced text included helping admins in better email management.

5. Einstein Opportunity Scoring

Salesforce has always focused on improving its Einstein AI models. The new release has advanced Machine Learning algorithms & Artificial Intelligence tools aimed to help small-to-mid enterprises. The latest global scoring model will help orgs to grow their business effectively and allow sales reps to prioritize their strategic goals. Earlier, it was mandatory for an org to have at least 2000 closure to switch on Einstein opportunity scoring and make predictions. However, with Salesforce spring 21 release features, there are many free offerings, including the Einstein opportunity scoring. This feature adds an advantage to small orgs to reach the target Einstein score easily.

6. Enhanced Lightning Page Performance 

Lightning Page Performance allows admins to get a better insight into on-page behavior compared to previously available features. Unlike the previous Salesforce update, where merely information about the page load time was available – the new has come up with a lot of extra features. Predicting load time and analyzing page behaviors, performance breakdown, to name a few, are extra functionalities added to help admins in achieving a high level of accuracy. Best of all, the Salesforce Spring 21 preview options allow admins to get detailed analysis in mobile too.

7. Robust Profile Filtering

The remarkable performance capabilities of Salesforce Open CTI needs no introduction. Orgs have been using open CTI telephony features to foster their customer service performance. However, editing profile information, which was disabled earlier, is now enabled in Spring release’21. Plus, all profile information can be edited and removed with the help of this extra feature. Most of all, the total associated linked to the call center can also be easily tracked.

8. Branch Hierarchies 

The branch hierarchy is undoubtedly the best Salesforce Spring 21 release features, allowing orgs to set up their own branch hierarchies and personnel assignments. Using this feature, org can easily track work action and analyze performance by branch. You can create and design your hierarchy and personnel assignments with the Branch Unit, Business Member, and Banker objects. 

9. Monitor Login Metrics

Salesforce has prolonged the capabilities of the dashboard whilst monitoring the user’s login credentials. If you have an eye on how users are logging in to your org, this is the right time to take advantage of monitor login metrics. With this extra feature, orgs can get complete detail on the user’s login activity. Plus, using login metrics, you can easily monitor multi-factor authentication (MFA) adoption.

If you have any queries about the Salesforce’21 release or explore more about Salesforce Spring 21 critical updates, contact our team of experts at ArizTech anytime!