Financial Services Cloud

Harness the Salesforce Financial Services Cloud potentials to control business activities, manage client data sophistically and make them happy by delivering a concierge level of service.


Time to Revolutionize Client Engagement

Finance industry data are messy. Service providers must be attentive to nuances and red-flags in every step, especially in data handling. Even an insignificant blunder will cost them an arm and a leg. Our Salesforce specialist at ArizTech, a Salesforce Financial Services Cloud company, understands the challenges of financial provider challenges and brings solutions to turn obstacles into opportunities. We help you revolutionize your client engagement and provide solutions to make your work processes simplified and hassle-free. Bring your project requirement to us and, let us assist you with our skills and experience.


Our Salesforce Financial Services Cloud Offerings

As your preferred Salesforce Financial Services Cloud company, ArizTech brings out-of-the-box customized services to get you started in Financial Services Cloud. We not just provide Financial Services Cloud services to help you get started but offer recommendations to redefine your business experience digitally. Our Salesforce Financial Services Cloud offerings include:


Suggesting + Implementing

Before anything else, we begin with a diagnosis. We will look after your present problem and suggest innovative ideas to steer your business in a new direction. Furthermore, we will integrate Salesforce Financial Services Cloud into your system with fully-customized solutions catered to your needs.


Report Management

Managing customer data is not easy for any organization. Even though for orgs with an enormous customer base. With our customized Financial Services Cloud solutions we develop, managing reports is simple. Allow your managers to get a holistic detail of all the business records and have a bird-eye view of individual customers sophistically.


Lightning Scheduler Set-up

Schedule appointments with the right customer at the right time using Salesforce Lightning Scheduler. With the personal calendar, you will never forget about your important meetings. We will set up Lightning Scheduler in your system by making slot timings customized features. Let your customers schedule meet-ups based on your prospect availability.


Einstein Bots Set Up

Let your workforce solve complex problems of your customers while Einstein bots take care of all simple queries. Automate Einstein to allow customers to raise a request for a lost report card or register for a replacement card. Our Salesforce Financial Services Cloud expertise will set up Einstein bots as per your requirements.

Data Security

No service provider can stay long in a business without securing their customer data. While integrating Financial Services Cloud into your system, we will also develop a high protective solution to keep your client data safe. Instill a sense of confidence by showing them their data is free from malware.


Campaign Management

Along with serving your present clients, you must look at the bigger picture of your business. Our Salesforce specialist will harness Salesforce Financial Services Cloud features and campaign tools to elevate your business and bring more customers to your table. We will customize solutions making it easy for you to send customization emails through the generate leads.

Unlock Opportunities with Financial Services Cloud

Financial Services Cloud brings excellent features and customization tools to help sales reps deliver the service effectively and efficiently. Also, they can get the forensic level of insight on client's details in a tech-savvy way.

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Build Timely Delivery

Don't miss a chance to bring a smile to your customer's face by delivering service on time. Integrating Financial Services Cloud, orgs can fasten their service efficiently and quickly. With a single client data on a single Salesforce Financial Services Cloud infrastructure, you are likely to be free from the headache of late deliveries.

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Make Smart Choice

With organized records and reports, making smart choices is easy. Unlike the hectic Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), where much time goes into piling and organizing paper works, integrating Financial Services Cloud will be a new business model. Manage all records proactively and make better decisions, and take smart actions.

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Personalized Customer Relationship

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud provides excellent features allowing orgs to get a 360 view of their customers so that you can assist them across all touchpoints. Track the hurdles and unlock new opportunities. Leverage Financial Services Cloud capabilities to nurture a value-based engagement, overview your customer records, and build a personalized customer experience with them.

Who Should Use Financial Services Cloud?

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud initially came for the wealth management market. Today, all the finance industry are leveraging the capabilities of the Financial Services Cloud in their system.

  • Wealth Advisors
  • Insurance Agents
  • Bankers
  • Service Operations
  • Business Executives
  • IT Executives


Want to know more about our service and offerings? Unbox the most frequently asked questions to get clarity of Salesforce Financial Services Cloud.

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud is a sophisticated designed Salesforce integrated platform powered by Lightning dedicated to Finance sectors. The cloud aims to eliminate finance professionals' workloads by offering simplified features and unique tools to make them more productive.

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud edition comes in the following editions:

  • • Professional Edition
  • • Enterprise Edition
  • • Unlimited Edition
All the three Financial Cloud Salesforce editions come with distinctive features and different prices. Based on your business requirements, you can choose Salesforce Financial Services Cloud pricing that best suits your needs.

Yes! Sales Cloud and Financial Services Cloud differs in many ways. Sales Cloud mainly focuses on improving sales and is much concerned with closing deals faster, whereas Salesforce Financial Services Cloud emphasis making relationships better and instilling long-lasting trust.

There is no fixed time for data migration from your existing system to Salesforce Financial Services Cloud. Based on the size and type of data you want to transfer into the cloud, the time may vary. If you are a newbie, better consult a Salesforce consultancy to do it for you.

All the financial service organizations can benefit from Salesforce Financial Services Cloud. Whether you are a wealth advisor, an insurance agent, or merely an IT executive, you can use Financial Services Cloud to streamline the work process, enhance customer engagement, and eliminate the complexities of your workforce.

Are you in search of a Salesforce consultant to build solutions for maintaining your financial records?

Let us prepare solutions to help you manage all your financial records in the most simplified so that it is easily accessible anytime, anywhere!


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