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Unlock the potentials of Salesforce Lightning Services, strengthen your sales repcapabilities, and reshape your digital experience.


Salesforce Lightning

With technologies advancing constantly and end-users demands increasing to heights, staying in the market whilst competing with your potential competitors is strenuous yet intimidating without improving and redefining your business module. Thanks to Salesforce Lightning for coming up with the latest innovation to help businesses grow and improve their sales reps. If you are still working with Salesforce Classic, now is the perfect time to redefine your desktop interference with the ArizTech Salesforce Lightning booster and get a head start to a better, faster, and effective business.

At ArizTech, we have Salesforce Lightning experts and consultants proficient in building incredible UIs, interfaces, and excellent desktop environments using Lightning components. Our primary focus is on building desktops and mobile applications to overview your business insights whilst keep a detailed track of your teams working in a different department. In a nutshell, we develop user-friendly applications, optimize business operations, and help you to drive the business forward.

Our Stand Out Approach

Regardless of what stage of business you are in, our Salesforce Lightning Services are tailored to meet all your business objectives. Get insight on how we work and the approaches we follow to get your business on track. Just tell us – we will do it all for you!


Before delving into your project, we listen to your requirements and what exactly you are looking for from us. Experts from our team look into your present implementations and discuss queries becoming hindrances to your business.


Based on your information, we provide innovative ideas and unique solutions your business would undeniably need for growth. Additionally, our consultants recommend the best Salesforce Lightning solutions to fit your business needs.


After discussing your project in detail, we start implementation. As an associate partner, we craft all possibilities and explore all avenues to create and develop products to enhance productivity and drive more sales pipeline.


Our work doesn't stop on successful implementation. We pay attention to your feedback and accordingly revise, reformulate, and reinvent ideas to meet your expectations. We merely don't strive for creating products but for adding value to your business.

Utilize our Salesforce Lightning Services to:

  • Enhance business analytics and forecasting.
  • Improve business workflows whilst boost your sales and productivity.
  • An experienced user interface that helps your sales reps to close deals faster.
  • Develop lightning-ready apps at thunder speed using drag and drop capabilities.
  • Save time and dollars compared to primitive tools.
  • Get yourself prepared for future challenges.

ArizTech Salesforce Lightning Services

ArizTech offers all the Lightning Services you expect from an IT service provider to meet your business needs. Take advantage of the services listed below and improve your business graph and drive sales forward.

Expert lightning consulting

Consulting your business in a direction to keep you ascending on the IT ladder is our prime motive. We provide personalized recommendations and guidance to create future opportunities using Salesforce Lightning components and UIs. Our certified consultants help your sales reps to achieve business goals by providing them unique, tailored-made, and cost-efficient Lightning planning and excellent strategies.

Easy Lightning Migration

Taking a move to upgrade yourself to Salesforce Lightning is a no-brainer. You have made a big investment in partnering with Salesforce, and now it's time to maximize your ROI. Our experts are proficient in smoothening your migration at a cost-effective budget. Unlike Classic interface, the Lightning user interface allows additional capabilities to make the business outflow easy whilst making a seamless user experience.

Developing Lightning Component

ArizTech has a team of professionals with a deep understanding of all the Lightning components – Standard, Custom, and AppExchange. We use commercial lightning components to develop components to leverage the advanced Salesforce Lightning System for responsiveness. Our team utilizes Salesforce Lightning to create a customized CRM with the latest technological component development features and customization tools.

Lightning Application Development

We are proficient in developing custom-made Lightning applications within the Salesforce framework as per your business needs. The unique applications we create have interactive UI designs and attractive pages with a customized support system. Our dedicated tech-savvy coders build lightning-ready managed and unmanaged applications you can use in your business to get a competitive advantage and streamline your business functionalities.

Adaptive Customization

Intelligent customization and innovative upgrades help you find the best opportunities to meet your future goals. We aim at offering individual cross-platform customizations and solutions that work perfectly on multiple devices without any ease. Besides, we also provide solutions to make a seamless experience for users and support businesses in extending their reach, fostering their sales, and maximizing their profits.

Lightning Process Automation

Our team simplifies your business by providing you sustainable solutions with advanced formulas and powerful layouts. Salesforce lightning process automation provides the tools which work by configuring logics that customize your business as per requirements. Using cloud platforms and revolutionary techniques, we help to manage time and focus on your ultimate goals in the Salesforce CRM platform.

Maximize ROI and unlock your selling potentials with ArizTech tailored CRM functionalities.

Maximize ROI and unlock your selling potentials with ArizTech tailored CRM functionalities.

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