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ArizTech brings Salesforce Service Cloud solutions for orgs to eliminate work complexities, reduce team’s workload, empower customers, and instill a customer loyalty that lasts.


Improve Services – Make your Customers Happy

Customer happiness is the key to the sustainability and growth of any business. And, how do you make your customer happy and choose your service time and over again? Merely by delivering the service they need, resolving their concerns, and being available whenever they need you. Above all, setting up a work environment where customers can raise their concerns and get an immediate response is of utmost importance. ArizTech, a Salesforce Service Cloud company, assures overcoming all these challenges by integrating Sales Cloud solutions to create a win-win for both – you and your customers.


Service Cloud Tools

When choosing Service Cloud, you get a list of tools presented that offers unique features and capabilities to cover all your business needs.

Our Service Cloud offerings

Our clients are important to us – we care! As your Salesforce Service Cloud consulting partner, we understand the challenges you face and come up with solutions catered to your business needs. Our end-to-end services cover all the distinctive solutions you expect from a Salesforce Service Cloud company. Our Service Cloud services include:


Omni-channel Set Up

Now your customers can connect with you seamlessly anytime, anywhere. We harness the Salesforce Service Cloud Omi-channel routing feature to set extensive support for your customers to connect easily through the web, mobile, email, social media, community sites, video chats, and more. Let this channel be the medium for your customers to lodge their concerns and get them fixed in no time.


Case Management

Provide your customers with the best end-to-end support by getting their cases resolved instantly. We use Service Cloud features like web-to-case” and “email-to-case” to make a solution that whenever a new report gets logged in the database, it gets transferred to your system database automatically. As a result, your sales reps can solve individual customer cases and revert immediately after fixations.


360° Data Insight

Detailed analysis of the case logged simplifies the work and gets the job done quickly and effectively. We specialists use the Service Cloud Lightning console to build personalized solutions where your employees can get data insights in a single console. Whether your workforce wants to overview the transaction history or merely overview the customer profile, they access every detail seamlessly without any confusion.


Hassle-free Translation

Translation customer reports and cases are strenuous, especially when working internationally. We use Salesforce Service Cloud Lightning to translate easier without a need to switch back to Salesforce Classic? Whenever your customer raises a concern, receive automatic translation based on the choice of the preferred language. Best of all, your workforce can communicate with customers in their native language without leaving the case view.


Entitlement Management

Entitlement management is a part of your support management process that allows orgs to provide the right t support to their customers. We use Service Cloud features like entitlement processes, experience access to entitlements, and service contracts to make it easy to define, enforce, and track service levels. Plus, reporting on entitlement management helps your workforce ensure that they are sophistically meeting the service contract terms.


Service Cloud Implementation

Don’t know where and how to start with Service Cloud? Relax! As your preferred Salesforce Service Cloud company, we will help integrate your existing platform with Salesforce Service Cloud. Our specialist will integrate with email, social media, ERP, and many more. Also, we ensure to make the data flow seamlessly in your Salesforce CRM and make communication better with you and your customers.

Add Value to Your Business

Our Service Cloud service goes beyond service enhancement but acts as a powerful tool in many ways. To make you climb high in the cooperate ladder is our ultimate goal.


Customer Satisfaction

Easy communication is the biggest perk of using Service Cloud. Whenever your customer has any queries, they can reach you without any hassle.

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Increase Retention

Our consultants customize Salesforce Service Cloud in a way where customers feel happy with your offerings and gladly choose your service whenever in need.


Instill Loyalty

Service Cloud assures to instill a sense of loyalty in your customers. A happy customer will not just turn towards your survival but also promote your brand.


Want to know more about our service and offerings? Unbox the most frequently asked questions to get clarity on our Sales Cloud service.

Service Cloud is built on the Salesforce Customer Success Platform, giving you a 360-degree view of your customers. The Salesforce Service Cloud features allow orgs to understand their customer’s expectations, automate their workflows, and deliver service quickly.

Our client’s data is a topmost concern. We go the distance to guarantee you that our customer data is safe with us. In fact, our dedicated Salesforce Service Cloud consultants keep a constant eye protect your data from malware.

Service Cloud comes with a price tag. Based on the budget you feel comfortable investing in, our experts will guide you to choose the best edition of Salesforce Service Cloud to bring the best ROI

Salesforce Service Cloud pricing may vary from project to project and depends on a variety of factors. Depending on the customization feature you want to add, your business requirements, and your goals, you will have an overall cost.

Yes! Service Cloud provides robust tools and features that enable the workforce to eliminate complexities and create a personalized solution. As a result, orgs can improve their overall productivity and maximize profits.

Do you want to add value to your business? Keep an eye on your service!

Start delivering customer-centric service by upgrading to Service Cloud today!


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