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Drive Sales Forward

Improving sales is a prime consideration for every organization. However, integrating just any CRM solution will not put you ahead of the game. To outperform your competitors, you need to build a robust workflow process for better work processes both–internally and externally. Inefficient processes not just reduce sales but deaccelerate the productivity of the company. ArizTech brings in effective result-driven and cost-effective Sales Cloud pricing solutions to meet the increasing business demands by delivering solutions that make a difference.


Sales Cloud Tools & Features

Regardless of the size, every business can take advantage of Sales Cloud efficient tools and features to reach their individual sales goals.


Effective Marketing Tools

Sales and marketing go hand-in-hand; a perfect balance between the two is crucial. Sales Cloud presents excellent marketing tools that help orgs to bring the best ROI. Simply put, it enables orgs to create marketing campaigns to generate new leads, manage sales performance, and build a relationship that lasts.


Sales Forecasting

Sales forecasting sales allow orgs to keep track of the ongoing activities and take fixations if needed. It enables your sales reps to follow up generated leads and plan approaches for the impending sales. Above all, it allows tracking the performance of sales reps in the sales team sophistically.


Email Integrations

Switching between email accounts and CRM system becomes problematic for sales reps, especially when they need to respond to a client mail and overview their profile. Email integrations available in Sales Cloud simplify your work by synchronizing contact with SAP Sales Cloud CRM email-tracking software.


Analytic Tool

Undoubtedly, data are the most expensive asset in their organization. Sales Cloud brings excellent data analytics features that allow org to prepare reports and view them in the dashboard. Use the analytic tool to create charts, tables, or fields. Detailed data analytics makes it easy to come up with instant solutions.



Chatter is an enterprise social media tool where they can collaborate and share information. The chatter tool is quite similar to social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. It is a great tool that makes the seamless work engagement with different users, allowing them to share information or updates.


Workflow and Approvals

Even intricate projects are easy to handle using the drag-and-drop functionalities. Streamline workflow by accepting or rejecting deals with the help of automatic email alerts. Best of all, Sales Cloud also provides opportunities to automate the approvals and correspondingly respond to request in chatter.

Our Sales Cloud Offerings

At ArizTech, we provide excellent Salesforce Sales Cloud integration solutions to meet your business needs. We provide the most cost-effective Salesforce Sales Cloud pricing. We strive not merely to solve all your present difficulties but come up with solutions to keep you ready for the upcoming challenges. Our offerings include:

Lead Management

Following leads are vital for a successfully closed deal. We help you record every detail in the most sophisticated way so it can effectively follow with no hassle. Our lead management solution relieves your Salesforce from strenuous efforts and saves time by allowing them to get a 360° view of all the leads generated and those that need a follow-up.

Custom Development

Growth starts with customization. Our Sales Cloud consultants provide unique and unparallel approaches based on your present needs. We understand the business challenges and deliver customized Sales Cloud integration solutions catered to your individual business needs. Whether there is a need for quick fixation in your existing system or a need to start from scratch—we do it for you!

Data Migration

Data transfer is challenging, especially if you have little or no prior experience. We help you transfer data from your existing system to Salesforce into Sales Cloud seamlessly. Our experts will help migrate your business data into Sales Cloud CRM with the insurance that not a single piece of data is missing, and all the previous records get updated in the system.

Campaign Management

Campaigns are an excellent marketing hack to generate leads. We help create personalized campaigns through Sales Cloud that allow orgs to attract new clients and generate potential leads. Plus, our sales cloud integration solutions enable orgs to keep insight into all the business activities. For instance, whenever the campaign goes live, you can check on the number of recent visitors and compare them with buyers.

Account Management

The key to success in business lies in effective account management. We harness the potential of Salesforce Sales Cloud potentials to keep your business data safe and accessible ethically. Store, manage and access all the previous ongoing and future tasks effectively, anytime. Plus, you keep track of your sales team records and the task assigned to them.

CPQ Integration

Configure, price, and quote or CPQ integration–a sales booster package is a must for skyrocketing sales. Based on your needs and expectations, our experts plan custom-focused quotes using Sales Cloud. We put in the most captivating template to get the customer’s attention on the first go. After drafting the quotation, we send potential clients personalized emails.

Turn Prospectors into Customers

Upgrading to Sales Cloud is a yes-yes if driving sales faster is your goal. Here is a list of perks on how Salesforce Sales Cloud is a must for your business.


Sales Funnel

Whether you have a B2B or B2C business, your org can harness the Sales Cloud capabilities to improve the sales funnel and measure internal performances right at the fingertips.


Generate Leads

With all the leads in sequence, sales workers can prioritize the generated-leads and invest their time and efforts on the hottest-leads for quick closure.


Close More Deals

Sequential leads make it easier for sales reps to close more deals. Plus, Salesforce Sales Cloud provides opportunities not merely to close deals but personalized relationships that last long.


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Salesforce Sales Cloud – a CRM platform sophistically designed for sales reps, making it easier for them to store, manage and access data effectively anytime, anywhere!

Depending on your business objectives, targeted sales volume, and the customers you want to reach, to name a few, the choice of Salesforce Sales Cloud edition will vary.

Yes! Salesforce Sales Cloud presents excellent features and capabilities to make Salesforce improve internal efficiencies and become more productive.

No! Sales Cloud and Service Cloud are entirely different. Sales Cloud is more focused on improving sales, whereas Sales Service focuses on enhancing services and managing client cases.

Leverage the benefits of Sales Cloud to help your sales team close deals faster.

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