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Build a secure database, streamline workflows, provide patient-centric care, and attract more patients with Health Cloud customized solutions we prepare at ArizTech.


Deliver Treatment with Care

Nothing wins your patient heart more than showing your dedicated care and attention. The efforts you put in serving your patients and making your customer happy reflects your overall business performance. With Salesforce Health Cloud solutions, delivering one-to-one personalized treatments is quick and easy. ArizTech, a Salesforce Health Cloud company, customizes unique and productive solutions to streamline your work processes, aims to deliver the most distinguished service based on your customer needs. We help you implement and integrate Health Cloud in your existing system to ensure that you provide top-notch treatment with utmost care and treatment.


Our Health Cloud Offerings

At ArizTech, we strive to eliminate the communication barrier and customize solutions for better patient-healthcare collaboration. As your preferred partner, we will customize your existing solution and set up all the necessities you expect from a Salesforce Health Cloud company. Streamline your work process with our unparallel Salesforce Health Cloud services.


Real-time Interaction

We harness the power of Health Cloud to develop solutions for making a real-time interaction with your patients. Stay in touch with your patients and share the constant updates they deserve to know. Communicate remotely and share all the relevant information through quick messages right on their mobile. Timely notify your patients, deliver safe text messages, and cultivate close relationships with them.


Data Model Set-up

A data model is a backbone of a health care organization. Perhaps, setting up a data model can be daunting, especially if you are a newbie. We will set up a data model, making it convenient for you to streamline business processes and access data anytime, anywhere. Plus, we customize functionalities, making it easy to create models, custom objects, and fields at your convenience.


Care Plan Set Up

Handle your patients on a 1:1 basis, and be ready to reach them, even in emergencies. Our Salesforce Health Cloud expertise creates solutions allowing you to set up plans based on your individual patient needs. The care plan comprises all the targets, concerns, and reports of every patient. Allow patients to reach your health providers and make communication with no hassle.

EHR Integration

Bring all necessary data in a single. At ArizTech, we have a pool of Salesforce consultants who will help integrate Electronic Health Records (EHR) into your existing system. Access and manage all the patient details, vaccination timings, and immunization records accurately and provide the best health care to your patients. Any missing, delayed, or incomplete vaccination is also easily trackable using EHR.


Einstein Analytics Set Up

Identify the high-risk patients and provide that instant preventive care. Understand your patient needs better with the help of the most robust Health Cloud tool, Einstein Analytics. Our Salesforce expertise will set up to improve health outcomes at different levels. Einstein Analytics scans all the data and provides health providers insight into patient data that includes patient age, diagnoses, treatments, and other relevant details.


Empower Sales Reps

Via Health Cloud, health practitioners will take their business to a new horizon. We leverage the power of Salesforce Health Cloud to customize solutions to empower your sales reps. Our uniquely planned and Salesforce Health Cloud services are for hospitals and clinics, enabling them to centralize data in a tech-savvy way and serve customers sophistically and conduct sales effectively.

Leverage Health Cloud to your Advantage

Get ready to get started with Health Cloud to improve patient relationships and personalized care. Leverage Salesforce Health Cloud capabilities and enjoy the following perks:

healthcare-icon work-Processes

Streamline Clinicals Work-Processes

Salesforce Health Cloud enables clinicians to keep their patient records sophistically and process them seamlessly. Doctors will no longer need to migrate between various networks since Salesforce Health Cloud incorporates data from several current health IT systems into a single network. They will prioritize activities, resolve urgent needs, evaluate patient profiles and respond efficiently and individually.

healthcare-icon patient-centric

Deliver a Patient-centric Service

Patients love it if handled quickly. Salesforce Health Cloud offers patients data analytics that helps health takers to provide highly customized treatments with the utmost care. Deliver patient-centric service and become their preferred choice. With all your patient records in a single platform, it will be easier to deliver access to their health conditions and provide solutions for instant recovery.

healthcare-icon rates

Increase Success Rates

An increased success rate is a win-win for both. Patients will not only find valuable knowledge on conditions, habits, diagnoses, and therapies but improve their health awareness based on practitioner real-time contact and access to healthcare programs and recovery track through Health Cloud potentials. Healthcare providers, on the other hand, can produce improved clinical results, make their patients happy.


Want to know more about our service and offerings? Unbox the most frequently asked questions to get clarity on Salesforce Health Cloud

Health Cloud is a Salesforce platform dedicated to the health sector for bettering patient-member platforms. Integrating CRM functionalities and capabilities Salesforce healthcare providers can build a 1-on-1 patient relationship and track all the patient records in a sophisticated way.

The perks of using Health Cloud go beyond delivering personalized patient care. Use the unique and unparallel tools to build a healthy relationship with your clients that last. Take the most of scalable digital platforms to improve patient satisfaction and attract more customers.

Yes! Salesforce Health Cloud provides excellent customization features and tools that allow handling the health care data management in a simplified way. As a result, health takers can overview each patient with holistic care and win their trust that ultimately adds value to their business.

Data protection is a topmost concern for Salesforce. As a number one cloud-based platform, Salesforce assures you to keep your patients’ data safe and private. For businesses that need advanced data security, they can upgrade to Salesforce Shield for additional security levels.

Yes! Health Cloud in Salesforce is cost-effective and, at the same time, pricy too. Salesforce Health Cloud pricing will differ on the edition you choose. Based on your business needs and the additional features you want to add, the pricing may vary.

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