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Provides big data analytics services to help enterprises integrate and bring together large volumes of data, transform & Salesforce Integration analyze the same leading to critical business decision making.


ArizTech end-to-end tailored integration services to streamline complex CRM operations and meet your business needs.

Data is undeniably the biggest asset of an organization – how a company stores, manages, and monitors its data makes a big difference in the sales pipeline. In fact, a streamlined data flow is of utmost importance in organizations where data are constantly exchanged in different systems and applications. It is a no-brainer to take advantage of Salesforce to leverage your data migration with better data synchronization.

Our Step-by-Step Integration Process

ArizTech is a trustworthy Salesforce Integration where we believe each business is different and requires holistic solutions to meet their IT needs. At ArizTech, we enable organizations to manage their business data as seamlessly as possible. As your Salesforce integration partner, our primary focus is to meet your IT needs and elevate your business to the pinnacle of success.
We offer excellent integration services to build and integrate applications that empower decision-making for your business. Our salesforce integration process involves understanding, planning, and training.

1. Understanding your IT needs: At first, we understand your expectation from us. Whether you want to integrate an application with Salesforce or merely finding a custom application integration? Just tell us, and our team will do it the right way for you.

2. Creating Set-up in Salesforce: Based on your business need, we will proceed with your project and set-up a Salesforce environment for your Salesforce integrations. We will do all the configurations ready for you to give you a head start with Salesforce

3. Data Migration: As you step into the world of Salesforce, we start working on migrating your business data. We will take in-charge of all the data handling processes – right from sourcing the data to integrating and transferring them.

Once you are successfully set in the Salesforce, we will guide you on working with data. This will help to make data adjustments in the long run as your business starts taking a pace.

Our Services allows you to:

  • Get the latest Software as a Service (SaaS) implementations for your business.
  • Leverage the power of all your business data.
  • Take a holistic view of the customer across all systems.
  • Elevate the efficiency graph of the execution processes.
  • Increase your business productivity and drive more sales.
  • Deliver an exceptional customer experience.

ArizTech Salesforce Integration Services

We have professionals who have in-depth knowledge in integrating with internal, external, and third-party systems using popular APIs, frameworks, and other web services. Through our Salesforce Integration Services, we aim to provide effective solutions to tailor your business needs, increase visibility, and drive sales performance. Here is a list of Salesforce Integration service we offer at ArizTech:

ERP-Salesforce Integration

ERP integration is a marketing strategy to know your business better and make improvements to your service. Through ERP-Salesforce Integration, your sales reps will analyze the demand-supply chain at a 360° view. This improves your business processes, helps in decision-making, and understands the market trends of the products or services you are offering.

Effective Data Imanagement

Accessing high-quality data with strategies that protect data. With our Effective Data management, we offer flexibility and transparency to make profitable decisions about how-to-use data effectively. Our service teams collect data and convert them into well-managed, meaningful information to transform data management operations and use it commercially and securely.

Accounting Integration

Get a detailed analysis of your business accounting graph. Through our Accounting Integration, you will get a comprehensive view of your inventories and financial reports. This will help to manage your business model in an organized fashion. Besides, the data-driven reports improve the current plans and get you ready for the next.

Email Integration

Sales synchronization is automatic from the email inbox. This helps create usability and optimistic performance in business. With advanced functionalities, information collected from emails is added to your business records. This allows you to make smart decisions and have productive conversations with the clients. It saves your employers time that would otherwise be used in bettering your business processes and improving productivity.

Online Collaboration

Online collaboration helps in the seamless business workflow in the organization. Implementing functionalities like managing customers flexibly and monitoring marketing and sales whilst collaboration between internal departments. It enables teams to understand customer’s needs better and how leads can be evolved using different technologies. Online collaborations are important in account planning and creating a competitive advantage.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation takes care of managing leads and interaction explicitly. With an analytical approach to calculating ROI and multi-touch attribution, marketing automation makes it easy to exchange data and services between your business marketing and sales teams. We make sure your teams are working with up-to-date data. Solutions are timely upgraded that focus on CRM and sales automation.

Maximize ROI and unlock your selling potentials with ArizTech tailored CRM functionalities.

Maximize ROI and unlock your selling potentials with ArizTech tailored CRM functionalities.

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